Satellite images show algal bloom changing; researchers still in ‘wait and watch’ mode

OKEECHOBEE — Satellite imagery continues to show changes in the cyanobacteria in Lake Okeechobee. Due to the lack of a broadbased regular sampling program, researchers can only speculate about what the images mean based on their knowledge of the lake and experience with algal blooms in similar bodies of water. The imagery from July 2 […]

Media focus on algae is hurting tourism on Lake Okeechobee

OKEECHOBEE — Lake Okeechobee is open for business, but negative media reports about algae — often accompanied by 2016 images of the algal bloom on the Treasure Coast — are scaring tourists away this summer. Local anglers have been boasting about catching big bass all summer, and posting photos on social media to show their […]

Algae bloom on Lake Okeechobee has decreased to about 30 percent of the lake

OKEECHOBEE — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Friday reported that the algal bloom on Lake Okeechobee has decreased to about 30 percent of the lake. In addition, about half of the bloom has decreased significantly in concentration. At its peak on July 2, the bloom was in about 90 percent of the lake, according […]

Governor hopefuls field question about lake discharges

FORT MYERS — A question about the discharges from Lake Okeechobee to the east and west highlighted the Florida Democratic debate held Wednesday. Democratic candidates for Florida governor include Chris King, Andrew Gillum, Jeff Green, Philip Levine and Gwen Graham. Chris King put the blame for the lake discharges on the sugar industry which he […]

Red tide comes from ocean, not lake releases

OKEECHOBEE – While some who turned out Saturday for the water quality rally in Clewiston carried signs about red tide, researchers have proven that blooms of this toxic marine algae are not related to releases from Lake Okeechobee. A 2016 University of South Florida study determined that red tides start in the offshore waters and […]

Some toxic blooms unrelated to lake releases

OKEECHOBEE – The summer heat continues to contribute to conditions ripe for algal blooms in South Florida. While the media has widely publicized the cyanobacteria (commonly called blue-green algae) concentrations in Lake Okeechobee, cyanobacteria blooms in waterways that do not receive any water from Lake Okeechobee have tested positive for toxins this summer. On July […]

Slow the flow. Let it grow. Protect Lake O; Lake Okeechobee area residents fight for clean water

CLEWISTON — A rally planned by coastal residents to protest releases from Lake Okeechobee on Saturday took a sweet turn when lake area residents turned out to greet the coastal visitors and asked them to join in the fight to save Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades. Fishermen and others concerned about water issues traveled in […]

NOAA imagery shows lake algal bloom decreasing

OKEECHOBEE — The latest images from space show the blue-green algal bloom on Lake Okeechobee is decreasing. Imagery from July 2 showed signs of cyanobacteria in 90 percent of Lake Okeechobee. Since the satellite images are only available at set intervals, NOAA was unable to get usable photos July 6-13 due to cloud cover. The […]

Corps to resume Lake Okeechobee releases; 85 percent of flow to St. Lucie since May was local basin runoff; 73 percent of flow to Caloosahatchee River from local basin runoff

“It is important to identify the problems. The Lake Okeechobee dynamic is a part of the problem, but let’s be clear, it’s actually a smaller part of the overall problem when we talk about estuarian health,” said Col. Jason Kirk, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Toxic algal bloom found near Stuart

OKEECHOBEE — An algal bloom at the St. Lucie Lock on July 5 had high levels of the toxin, microcystin according to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). The test indicated microcystin levels of 154.38 micrograms per liter. The World Health Organization considers levels above 10 micrograms per liter as potentially unsafe for recreational […]